Grow Your Business With The #1 Rated Connecticut SEO Company

Professional website design, search engine optimization and advertising all in one place. We are your one stop shop for digital marketing.

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Grow Your Business With The #1 Rated Connecticut
SEO Company

Professional website design, search engine optimization and advertising all in one place. We are your one stop shop for digital marketing.

Get A FREE Website
Audit Today.

Connecticut SEO Company

Professional Services To Enhance Your Online Presence

Many people feel pressured to choose whether they want a great design company or a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Company. Not with us; we are a full-service CT web design agency that does both with professionalism and affordable pricing. Our focus is to help you educate and sell your audience with elegance

When someone lands on your website, they should be able to navigate and interact with ease. A cluttered or non-functioning website could cause immediate loss of the potential customer. Our design and marketing experts make sure that your site provides needed content in an elegant way while also ranking at the top of the Google search results.

Our Fields Of Expertise

Website Design & Development

Beautiful and optimized websites to attract clients and function as you need them to.

Search Engine Optimization

We are experts at getting you to the top of the Google search results and growing your business.

'Google My
Business' Listing

These listings can generate large amounts of leads which is why we specialize in ranking them.

Google Advertising (PPC)

These are perfect for showing your product or service to people with intent to purchase.


Facebook ads are for targeting people who may not know they need your product or service.


Interested in only purchasing leads? Let us know and we will do the work for you, just pay per lead.

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Connecticut SEO company
Connecticut SEO company
Connecticut SEO company
Connecticut SEO company

Remodeling Group

Meet Our Clients

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Why Choose Northland Marketing?

We create all of our website design inhouse, even the most intricate requests will be processed internally. We do not use the standard boring cookie-cutter templates that have been slightly modified to fit a client. We use only professional platforms and hosting to build our sites.

We place the utmost importance on media, content, and keywords that will allow your website to lead in the search results. This is important for client generation because you want potential customers to find your web page first. Every page that ranks above yours will most likely be viewed first, resulting in the probable loss of a client to competition.

Our Work

About The Owners

ct seo
ct seo

Our founders, Bri and Todd, grew up in Connecticut. Bri went to school for Graphic Design and then they both attended university again for marketing. They started this business together in hopes of bringing massive impact to small business owners, and changing lives.

They now coach a marketing course together and participate in marketing conferences around the country.


Our Expertise

Looking for a contactless interaction? You’ve come to the right place! We offer all services online or through the phone.

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in an article written by Innovation Destination Hartford as one of the best web design & SEO companies in Connecticut to help small businesses.

The Solution For Website design Hartford CT

Do Your Rivals Rank Higher On Google?

Have you ever clicked to the second page of Google when searching for something? Have you ever scrolled halfway down the first page and decided to change your search terms? Have you searched the service you provide in your area lately; how do you compare to your competitors? Click the button below to find out.

What's Trending Now

It is crucial that you rank as high as possible in any search term so that you raise your chances of being seen. Consumers are looking to find satisfactory results as fast as possible. If the potential client determines that the first listed website was sufficient, then their search ends there. This is devastating for business, if your services were not listed first. You did not even get the chance to compete because your site was never viewed. If your page does not even come up for the keywords that were searched, you have entirely lost all competitive power. This is why SEO is important.
Another factor is that nowadays most people utilize their mobile phones to search for services. When they find what they are looking for, they often use the phone number or directions right from the map listing. If a particular business does not have this information readily listed, they could lose the customer. There are a number of ways to reach potential customers, but a top ranking google search is predominant.

Need Services From The Comfort Of Your Home?

You’ve come to the right place! We offer all services online or through the phone. We will together through video chat and phone calls without ever having a service interruption. Call us today to get started!

Think Ahead

Understanding Google Maps

Google Maps now has a searchable feature so it is necessary to be listed there for visibility purposes. This feature can be used directly in the app, and a search might include something such as Web Design Avon CT to see where the closest agency is located. You can get your business listed yourself by claiming it and adding your information. Google your business and then look for the map listing and click the claim button. If your information is already listed, make sure that it is all there and accurate.

While this is only the tip of the iceberg, it is a good intro to Google Maps Listing. If you would like the full maps listing service contact us today for current deals!
connecticut seo company
seo company in connecticut

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The Best In CT SEO

SEO is Search Engine Optimization. What does this mean? This occurs when consumers find your website through search engine results (ie. Someone searches “Web Development in CT” and finds our company first and calls us.) There are nearly 200 different elements to the algorithm, and they frequently change. There is a whole science to the visibility in google searches that consists of webpage speed and security, mobile phone compatibility, and the quality and length of content.

Your web pages must load quickly within a stable platform in order to keep the viewer, and also to prove that it is a quality site. Many viewers will leave a site within 10 seconds or less if it is not sufficient. It must be mobile phone friendly as these days most consumers are only using their cellphones. Have you checked what your website looks like on a mobile phone recently? If not, go ahead and do so.

You Can't Just 'SEO' Your Website And Be Done. It's A Forever Moving Goal Post. The trick is to keep up.

The information on your pages also play a key role in ranking your site. If appropriate keywords are not used throughout then the site will not display during searches. This can be tricky as there are a number of different search terms that can be used. Your page needs to appear and rank highest, for all of these different search terms. This is where our marketing experts come in and research the terms used in your prospective area, and how to incorporate them within the content.

CT marketing

Understanding Google Ads VS. Facebook Ads

If done right, Google Ads and Facebook Ads can generate a lot of revenue. However, the platforms are used in different ways and if this is not implemented correctly it can be a waste of money.

Facebook ads are generally utilized for a promotion or a strong incentive to interest the audience and convince them to visit your web page. Facebook Advertising is usually cheaper but it is advertising to an audience that is not currently shopping, instead they are browsing Facebook. It is a good way to spread recognition and spark interest in those who may not otherwise desire your services.

Google ads will be targeting those who are already searching on the web and most likely have the intent to buy something. Ads appear as the very first results from a search, even above the Local Map Listing, and have a higher probability of being seen and clicked on.

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