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Elegant website development is crucial to attracting new customers. When a consumer goes to your site, you have just about 2 seconds or less to capture their attention and engage them. Over 90 percent of people abandon a site in 10 seconds or less, and of those other 10 percent, the vast majority are under a minute or less. A study from Google showed that it takes around 50 milliseconds (.05 seconds) for a viewer’s impression to be formed, this is happening without even reading your content yet.

38 percent of customers, according to Adobe, will stop engaging if they feel your web page is unattractive. An additional 39 percent will abandon a page if the images take too long to load or the images won’t load at all. However, the best site in the world doesn’t make sure you are being seen. There are over 1.71 billion sites in the world, all competing for customers attention. Our company knows how to grab your reader’s attention so that they engage for at least 2 minutes or more. If you can’t keep a reader’s attention for 2 minutes, there is a significant problem with the website design or functioning.

It’s abundantly clear that companies need crisp, well designed, easy to navigate web pages. While it is very important to have well done SEO services for visibility purposes, it is equally as crucial to focus on web design in order to rank highly in the search results. Before anyone comes to your web page they need to find it, and most of the time they will be using Google. The Google algorithm, which is continually being updated, ranks websites to try and predict the best possible outcome for a customer to find the information he or she desires. As nearly 51 percent of all web traffic is now by mobile smartphone, and growing rapidly, Google now bases a substantial part of it’s rankings based upon whether a page is mobile-friendly or not.



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This has been a big downfall in the last few years, as companies refuse to let the web design experts revamp their web pages for mobile operations causing them to rank lower in the search results. Out of a study of 1 million internet pages, 24% showed that they were not mobile-friendly. This is a very large number considering that most consumers search on their mobile devices these days. Have you checked your page on your phone lately? Does it meet your expectations as a consumer?

Business owners should pay strong attention to the abandon rate for their page. Quite often, in addition to poor layout and navigation, there is little to no effort made to optimize graphics, in particular video. It is estimated that in the future, over 80 percent of all web traffic will be video, and while a video is engaging, it must be optimized to download quickly. By using data compression tools, converting to HTML 5, and using a content delivery network, video can be downloaded extremely fast. Ultimately, many businesses are operating with one hand tied behind their backs by using outdated layouts and technology in 2020. You want your web pages to be clean and clear, have simple navigation, be mobile-friendly, and be optimized for video. This takes a well-versed digital marketing company to make that happen, such as our team at Northland Marketing.

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