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Google Maps Listing Is Dire For Local Business​

Part of the problem for local businesses, in particular new businesses, is that the Google algorithm for generic searches favors established businesses. It is guaranteed that the top three search results get most of the clicks.
Fortunately, these services can level the local playing field significantly. This can generate a ton of calls for your business if done correctly and placed in the top 3 search results.

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How Does Local Map Listing Work?

Google My Business / Google Business Profile

The company makes it easy to be listed on Google Maps however, there are two elements to being listed properly. The first part is to create a business profile. Let’s say you own a business called “Joe’s Shop”. By creating a business profile you can put the name of your business, the hours, the address, a link to your website, as well as a few photos. A business profile is extremely helpful because it lays out all the information for you, and will also put a pin on Google Maps indicating where to find you.

The way in which the search engine displays your business profile is out of your control. That’s where the Google My Business page comes in. Once you’ve claimed your business, you can add a lot more information to your business profile, respond to queries and respond to reviews. However, there can be intricacies involved that can lead to a poor listing. For any questions or services contact our Northland Marketing team.

If you don’t claim your business, sometimes the search engine will get the wrong information from its crawlers, particularly devastating if you’ve changed phone numbers or hours, and lose a substantial amount of business. What people don’t understand about this particular map function is that it is searchable. Rather than do a general search on Design Companies in Hartford CT, most customers go to the mapping system to search. Over 77 percent of people use the maps to find a local business near them, and most of them are likely to visit a local business the next day after doing their search.

The maps tool is exceedingly powerful for local marketing and the amount of qualified leads generated goes up when people search for the keywords you are targeting. This is one reason if you are starting a new business, to be careful about creating your overall business profile. A local marketing company can greatly enhance your SEO results by creating a website that uses the right keywords. 

Another thing a marketing company can do is expand your credibility by the use of reviews. In general as long as they are positive, the more reviews you have the greater your company’s credibility. Be sure to check any comments, questions, or reviews that are posted on your business profile often. The response speed is expected within hours or at a minimum a day.
Once you have completed your maps listing and business page your overall rankings will be increased. Many local businesses ignore the power of map search to put them in the local spotlight and they do so at their own peril. Depending upon the competition, it may take two or three years to break into the top 3 positions with a general search, but these map services paired with a great website, can change that rapidly.

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